Italy is one of the countries which was hurt mostly from the COVID-19 pandemic

Italy is one of the countries which was hurt mostly from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Italian authorities are still trying to fight the spread of the virus, and many people are losing their lives. That’s not a good time for sports, so football fans are still waiting for the Serie A to be restarted again.

Meanwhile, the Serie A clubs are trying to find a way to survive economically. According to the newspapers in Italy, football clubs are ready to reduce their players’ wages with one to third because of the coronavirus. Clubs are having a hard time at this point because they are not getting any income from gate receipts and other kinds of revenue streams. According to experts, many football clubs in Europe could even go bankrupt because of the pandemic.

The biggest football club in the country, Juventus, already showed the way by cutting the players’ wages for a certain amount of time. In an official statement, the Serie A now confirmed that all clubs in the elite divisions have agreed to reduce the players’ wages until the crisis is over.

According to the Lega Serie A statements, it’s now a matter of survival for Italian football. The wage reduction will be equal to a one-third lump sum or players’ wages for four months. They point out that it’s the clubs who will discuss the matter with their players.

At this point, the Serie A and the clubs have a strong desire to finish the season, but it all depends on how the COVID-19 pandemic crisis will go. The country is still giving many victims to the virus, and people are still being told to stay at their homes. If the current situation does not improve, most likely, the season will not finish as it was planned.

The situation in the Spanish La Liga is pretty much the same. The league’s president Javier Tebas admitted that clubs could miss out on nearly 1 billion euros of revenue because of the crisis. At now, there are some plans of the season to be restarted as early as May 28, but just like in Italy, there are no guarantees for such a thing. It has been almost a month since the league action stopped. Champions Barcelona is leading the standings at this point, and the club legend Hristo Stoichkov even advised the league to give the Catalans the title.

Barcelona and Atletico Madrid already agreed with their players to cut their wages. We expect that other clubs will follow them, doing the same, but so far there’s no confirmation of such a thing. It’s believed that Real Madrid is preparing such deals with their players, but we are still waiting for a confirmation from Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

La Liga’s president Javier Tebas confirmed that the league could end without spectators at the stands. In this case, the Spanish clubs would lose around 300 million euros of revenue, Tebas confirmed. He once again stated that La Liga is not thinking about ending the season just yet.